Paintings and Prints by Tony Canger

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Please take the time to see some of my paintings and prints.  All of the etchings and prints shown are available for sale as well as some of the paintings.

I hope that this site gives one a glimpse of my artistic vision. As a lifelong painter and print maker, my works attempt to give one a portrait of the human condition and the sometimes mysterious forces that drive us. 

 I am currently exhibiting a show at the Liberty Museum.  For information about the show running through August 14, 2019 snd Tony Canger’s works see the video below:

Please contact me if you are interested in seeing more of my work, or just talking art!

Tony Canger

       Please visit my Gallery Pages by going to links at the top. There you will find more examples of my oil paintings, etchings, and prints and a biography.

       Contact me at if you are interested in seeing me work or in buying any of the work on this website.

 Tony Canger